Karen Hoisington is a Singapore branding strategist, the founder, and owner of Datum Branding, the Singapore ambassador of Maiden Voyage (UK), a serial author of 6 books, one a best seller, and international keynote speaker. She pulls from her diverse experience, branding airlines to zoos with a combined net worth of S$2 billion.

Karen started her career in London and returned to Singapore as an award-winning art director with Ogilvy & Mather (SEA). After 8 years reaching to the top of her game, she formed her own successful branding and design consultancy, Datum Branding, contributing to helping rebrand Singapore products and services for the global market, a legacy that remains till today.

Karen conducts life-changing talks and workshops, internationally, with her passion to help people with their personal branding, managing transitions and writing their first entrepreneurial books to grow their brand.

Karen has lectured in all aspects of marketing at local polytechnics, and recently at Kyoto International University. Japan. She is a regular guest on TV and a public speaker with the National Library, National Museum, AIA, Estee Lauder, IWFC, Science Centre and is a member of the Singapore Committee for UN Women.

Karen has published three books, “Brand! Desire - 39 Recipes for Creating a Brand That Leaves Your Customers Wanting More,” “The POW of Personal Branding,” and a historical novel, “A Flower in the Fall” being considered for a movie in UK. She writes regularly in social media and public online portals as an official of the Memory Corps, conducting and publishing her interviews with personalities from Formula One™ to national celebrities.

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